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Year 8 - Quiz Which superhero are you ?

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Before you do the Quiz, here is some tricky vocabulary :

  • Guess the meaning of "fist"
    "The Incredible Hulk often uses his own "fists" as weapons"
    — > "fist" ( it’s a part of the body) = "....."
  • Guess the meaning of "glasses"
    "Clark Kent when he’s not Superman, wears "glasses" "
    — > "glasses" ( they are sight accessories) = "....."
  • Guess the meaning of "contacts"
    "Tonay Sparks when he’s in his armour uses "contact lenses" to control his armour"
    — > "contacts" ( sight accessories that are put directly onto the eyes) = "....."

Pieces of clothing to wear to the beach :

  • Guess the meaning of "hitchhike" . Read this definition from Mac Millan’s dictionary.
    to travel by asking other people to take you in their car, by standing at the side of a road and holding out your thumb or a sign

:deux-g Now do the Quiz ! Which Superhero are you ?