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Year 10 - Coldplay

Publication : (actualisé le ) par Mme Quelven (Anglais)

Are you a Coldplay fan ? Learn lots of interesting facts about them in the latest edition of Let’s Blog ! the excellent web magazine from classes 3scA and 3scB at Liceo Scientifico in Subiaco, Italy. Maybe you should show it to your teacher and suggest you should do a blog like this too !

follow this link !

1) How long ago was Coldplay created ?
2) Journalists say Cold Play invented a kind of new music world different from the two main tendencies. What were the main two conflicted celeb possibilitites ?
3) Why is the lead singer very different from those two portraits ?
4) How was the band called at the beginning ?
5) Where did the members of the group meet each other ?
6) Coldplay : a democratic music group ! Can you explain why ?
7) How many kids does Chris have ?
8) Which disease does he suffer from ? Can you explain it in English ?
9) Name the four members of the group and their job in the group.
10) What’s your Coldplay favourite song ? Why ?